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When I discovered the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator, I understood why I had found the jobs I had had so disappointing and frustrating. Although parents, guidance counselors, and academic advisors may provide advice to young adults, many are left wondering which career path will best suit them. I always try to assist anyone I know who is considering which career path with practical advice.

Solution Developed
This storyboard is being used to produce an animated explainer video that will help young adults aged 16-25 better understand which careers best fit their personality, interest, aptitude, requirements, income expectations, and job prospects.

Students will learn:
• How personality influences job satisfaction
• How to assess aptitudes and connect them to career paths
• How to gauge job availability and prospective income level
• How to learn more about the day-to-day work experience of their top choices before committing to a career path
With this understanding, the student will be better able to decide on a career path that is best suited for them.

When the storyboard was presented to a focus group, it was very well received. 

Please feel free to review the entire storyboard yourself.

How to Choose a Career Path That Fits

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