My story began in Pittsburgh, Pa — home of the Steelers, Sesame Street, and Heinz 57. I had so many enrichment opportunities that I chose to be a writer to avoid narrowing my focus to one field.
As they grew, I had the privilege to be at home with my three children and began building my portfolio through freelance assignments. More recently, my full-time employment has been focused on providing marketing content related to healthcare, technology, and leadership for B2C, B2B, and B2G audiences. During this time, I honed my research and project management skills.
While the samples on this website represent a fraction of my work, I consider these pieces to represent my passions — the work I most enjoy.
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Natalie Komitsky


Collaborating with stakeholders, creatives, and SMEs is the best way to develop effective content for any audience.


From developing new ideas to reimagining existing assets, our collective focus ensures delivery of compelling content.


Juggling priorities, guiding contributors, and and working with teams to keep everything on-track—that’s what I do best.