Client: Personal Project
Made with: Articulate Storyline

In a previous project, I explored how our personalities are closely tied to job satisfaction and success. I took this concept a step further with this course for professionals who assist people considering a change in their career.

Solution Developed
This course was developed to demonstrate my effective use of Storyline as an instructional tool. It made more sense to develop the course for career coaches, as opposed to self-discovery so that we could include traditional assessment measures. The course guides coaches to help people find careers that best fit their personality, interest, aptitude, requirements, income expectations, and the job market.

Students will learn:
• How to guide clients in the identification and assessment of their skills, strengths, and values
• How to effectively utilize career assessment tools and personality type indicators
• How to research industries, analyze job trends, and compare potential career paths
• How to develop personalized career action plans for their clients that include concrete steps for achieving their goals

When the course was presented to a focus group, it was very well received. 


Click on the image below to see the entire course.