old clock

It has been ten years since I returned to the US after having lived abroad for seven years. I had a fantastic experience teaching children English through the use of games. I crafted custom summer programs for small groups of girls; I developed and delivered games that taught 6-12-year-olds basic English; I designed a series of themes for PreK-K children for English immersion, and I developed an intermediate program about countries of the world, their flora, fauna, agriculture, geography, housing, and family structures. This was the project that spoke to me the most.

My chief disappointment is that in these ten years, I have been unable to independently turn any of these experiences into a source of income. Anyone who knows me can tell you I have limitless passion for it. I need a structured approach and the help of wise advisors and peers with similar ambitions. From now until my youngest daughter turns 19, I will be doing just that. I am so happy to have found the Instructional Design and Technology Master of Science program at Bellevue University.